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"Fight the Bite" Mosquito repellant


 FIGHT THE BITE, one of Jackies best selling products!

When you live in Alaska, you'd be crazy to venture into the outdoors without some kind of defense against mosquitoes and biting flies. By using Jackie's "FIGHT THE BITE", these pesky little critters won't stick around long enough to bite, and leaves you with more time to enjoy the outdoors. Since Jackie uses all natural products, Fight the Bite contains no deet or other harmful cemicals and is safe for babies and pets. If you apply a small amount to the bridge of a dog's nose you can help them Fight the Bite too. A dab of this product on an existing insect bite releaves the itch and discomfort instantly

Note: Keep this product away from extreme heat. If it is exposed to heat for an extended period of time (leaving it in your car on a hot day) it will melt.


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