for skin and hair health and comfort

Jackie's booth at the  MATANUSKA MARKET PLACE, Palmer train depot

These all natural products offered by THE SOAP BASKET are handmade by Jackie Palmer using the finest natural ingredients available. Jackie‚Äôs desire is to produce natural, safe and healthy products at reasonable prices for our relatives, friends and customers. All the products offered have been tested by users and have proven to be very effective, meeting or exceeding expectations. The soaps offered by THE SOAP BASKET contain goat milk, vitamin E., and natural glycerin making these soaps very gentle, cleansing and nourishing to the skin. In addition to soap, products offered include Lotion Bars, Facial Mask, Insect Repellant, Body Butter, Hair Treatment, Deodorant, Foot Lotion Bar, Lip Balm, Beard Oil, Eczema and Psoriasis Relief Lotion Bar and soap, and wooden soap dishes. Look for another new product being added to THE SOAP BASKET line of products. A superior hand crafted shampoo bar along with a hair conditioning bar.