The Soap Basket is based in the small town of Palmer, Alaska. It is here that owner and soap crafter Jackie Palmer hand-crafts a variety of unique soaps and skin care products using natural ingredients.  

As Jackie and her customers will attest, Jackie's soaps and skin care products will keep your skin properly nourished, moisturized, and feeling refreshed. Although Jackie makes no claims concerning certain medicinal properties of her soaps, some customers have claimed that they have overcome skin problems including acne, dry skin, and eczema using specific soaps made by Jackie. In addition to the benefits for your skin, anyone who has walked into her tent at a show will tell you that the soothing aroma of her soaps are enough to buy it alone!

As good as they smell, one of the best traits of Jackie's soap is that every batch is unique in both color and appearance. Even if the same ingredients, fragrances, and processes are used, each batch turns out a little bit different from the last. Because of this, each soap you use will be your own unique and personal soap. 

Jackie's All Natural Soaps are made with: Alaska rain water, coconut oil, palm oil, canola oil, goat milk (or coconut milk in the Vegan Soap), and vitamin E. Right away, you'll notice that her soaps will give you abundant lather for whatever you use them for. Her soaps are also handy for removing stains from clothing. Check out her other soaps in the online shop. 

In addition to making soaps, Jackie also provides more specific skin care products such as: moisturizing lotion bars, lip balm, deodorant, bug repellent, foot lotion, body butter, and face scrubs. Like her soaps, these products come in many different flavors/fragrances that will leave you and your skin feeling pampered. 

If you'd like to meet Jackie and buy some soap, see her at the Friday Fling and other crafts shows in the Palmer/Wasilla area. If you don't live in Alaska, don't worry. The Soap Basket ships nationwide!